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Mission: With a focus on the armed forces and local communities, we have a passion for education, empowerment, and advocacy for real estate ownership. Vision: We are here to guide the members of the armed forces and their local communities to financial freedom through real estate investment.

Our Core values:

  • Growth - We seek continual improvement
  • Innovation - We pursue the latest solutions every day
  • Proactivity - We work hard to stay on top of challenges
  • Enthusiasm - We strive to have energy and charisma to inspire others
  • Team - We focus on others with a selfless approach


Donation Tracker:


Thanks to your support, we are active in giving back to the armed forces community. Whether you buy, sell, rent, build, or invest, you can have a real impact on military veterans who would be at risk for homelessness or suicide. It breaks our hearts to see our sisters and brothers in pain and struggling with mental health.

We see a faltering VA care system that allows vulnerable veterans to fall through the cracks of care, causing us to lose heroes every day. To directly address this real problem, we donate 5% of all profit to veteran service organizations, which we vet ahead of time, who provide essential services to current and former military personnel. Today’s statistics show that, every day, an average of 21 soldiers die by suicide.

We find this number unacceptable, and we refuse to stop fighting until we get the number down to ZERO.

No man left behind.

When you work with us, you stand with us to care for veterans, and the nation is thankful for your support. Sign up for our FREE Real Estate Basic Training Course!